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Search species, datasets, regions, localities, environmental layers, and more.

Spatial Portal

Map, visualise and analyse relationships between species, location and environment.


Access ALA support articles, user guides and case studies, and contact ALA.

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Enter a street address, GPS coordinates, postcode or place name to find out what species live near you.

Search occurrence records

Search occurrence records in the ALA by species, taxon, dataset, date, location, data provider and more.


Create surveys, capture data in the field, and manage your biodiversity, ecological and natural resource management data.

ALA Biosecurity Hub

Learn about the ALA’s tools and projects in the biosecurity space.

ALA Labs

Read about our team’s experiments in code, data analysis & visualisation.

Core components

Atlas of Living Australia

Home page and general information about the ALA.

Australia’s natural history collections

Browse Australia’s collection institutions, the collections they hold and view records of individual specimens.


Browse specimen images from Austraila’s natural history collections made available by the museums and herbaria of Australia.

Share your data

Upload your biodiversity data to the ALA: occurrence data, images, sound files, genomic data, museum specimens.

Species lists

Upload your own list of species to use in the ALA or use a list uploaded by other ALA users or data providers.

ALA dashboard

View the key stats associated with ALA’s data repository and services: the number of records, species, data providers,   environmental data and much more.

Search ALA datasets

Search datasets provided to the ALA by collecting institutions, individual collectors and community groups.


Use ALA’s test environment to check and test your data before uploading.

Download predefined datasets

Access, download and save ALA datasets, large data exports and desktop software.


Search or browse expert information and Indigenous Ecological Knowledge about collections of species.

Explore regions

Browse pre-defined areas and biogeographic regions using a map-based biodiversity discovery tool.

Mobile apps

Download apps for your mobile devices.


Spatial Portal

Visualise and analyse relationships between species, location and environment. 


Find Australian marine fishes by location and depth.


Create and run your own surveys, capture data in the field, and manage biodiversity, ecological and natural resource management data.


Online reporting tool for the Department of the Environment and Energy.


Track and calculate movement metrics and space use for individually marked animals   anywhere in the world.

Sensitive Data Service

Use our data pre-processing service that removes or obfuscates location data for   sensitive species.


Use our R package to access ALA records, information and media.

Community hubs

Flora of Australia

Access authoritative information on names, characteristics, distribution and habitat of Australian plants.


Access records in Australia’s Virtual Herbarium.


Access records in the Online Zoological Collections of Australian Museums.

Citizen science and education

Australian iconic species

Browse Australia’s most recognisable species.

Record a sighting

Upload your observations, identify species, and contribute to the ALA.

Citizen Science Project Finder

Search, find and connect with a citizen science project that interests you.


Contribute to science by transcribing historical museum records and images.

Education resources

Access educational materials designed for use in the classroom.

Developer resources

API docs portal

View a full list of ALA’s APIs.

International Living Atlases

Install and run the ALA platform with help from an international community of existing users and see the list of countries using the ALA.

ALA GitHub repository

View ALA open source code at GitHub.

About ALA

About us

Read about the ALA, our team, governance and strategic plans. 

ALA for researchers

Access content and links for ecoscientists, taxonomists and collection owners.

News & media

Read about the latest ALA news and access ALA social media.

ALA for government and land managers

Access content and links for federal, state and local governments, natural resource managers and rangers, landowners and community groups.

Indigenous ecological knowledge

Find out how ALA is working in partnership with Indigenous communities to bridge boundaries between Indigenous knowledge and western science.

ALA for community and schools 

Access content and links for citizen scientists, community groups, educators, students and families.

Brochures and reports

See a range of publications produced by the ALA.

ALA-cited publications

A searchable list of academic publications that have cited the ALA or ALA data.

ALA logo and identity

Download ALA, BioCollect and iNaturalist Australia logo files